Consider a Micro Wedding for 2020 and 2021

One of the coolest aspects of a wedding is how each gathering and celebration can reflect the couple’s unique personality and preferences, from size of the guest list to choice of exit. Today, let’s consider the intimate wedding, and all the ways this most petite of fetes can make a grand  impact for you and your guests. 

Also known as petite weddings or micro weddings, the intimate wedding has gained popularity over the last 3 years, particularly for 2020 and 2021. Definitions vary, depending on whom you ask; some say 50 or fewer guests, others say 20 or fewer. Either way, it’s a sharp deviation from the 150-guest mega-fete of 2015, inviting a lavish atmosphere for a more select guest list. But, don’t think that small means puny or unremarkable. Oh no, today’s petite weddings are making their mark for the intimacy of the gathering, providing an experience everyone can enjoy, meaningful special touches, and a high return on investment.  

Rachel Fugate Photography, MIlky Way House Wedding, Micro Wedding, Intimate Wedding, Knoxville Wedding
Milky Way House, Erin McCall

Intimacy of the gathering

What gets me every time about a wedding is the absolute joy of everyone gathered! With a petite wedding, that joy seems even magnified, because the guests are your nearest and dearest people. Your guest list are all people you regularly have coffee or even vacation with, so your intimate wedding is basically an incredibly joyous dinner party. 

Action Step: Who are the top 20-25 people that come to mind when you first think of your guest list? Don’t overthink or second-guess it. Write down the names and then let the list sit for a day or so. 

Milky Way House, Rachel Fugate Photography, Gold Place Setting, Micro Wedding, Intimate Wedding, Knoxville Wedding
Milky Way House, Erin McCall

An experience everyone will enjoy 

The nature of an intimate wedding invites all the guests to be participants in the celebration, so all your guests will enjoy themselves. Intimate weddings are not spectator events, especially if it’s also destination. Your guests will thank you for the excuse to add on a couple extra vacation days at your destination. 

Action Step: If money weren’t an issue, where you get married? Make a list of top-3 locations, and then do some research to see if there is a micro-wedding option. It’s likely you can have your cake and eat it, too. 

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Rivers & Roots, Jessica Lee Photographicart

The details and special touches are more meaningful 

The size of a mega-wedding naturally invites pressure, but an intimate gathering is attended by those in your judgement-free zone. Is your best friend a talented part-time calligrapher, and you’ve dreamt of her hand-lettering your invitation envelopes and place cards? How much more time and detail can she put into it by only calligraphing for 20 guests, whereas she might not have had the capacity to do for 150? Or maybe you want a sustainable wedding with no plastic. It’s far more affordable to set the table with fine tableware for 20 than for 150.

Action Step: List out the details that might be a splurge for a large wedding, but are actually doable for a micro-size.

caligraphy wedding menu, micro wedding, intimate wedding
Calligraphy by The TriStar Scribe Photo by Jessica Lee Photographicart, Rivers & Roots Venue

Higher return on investment

Ok, real talk. How many weddings have you attended where you hardly got to speak to the happy couple? How many couples have told you they don’t remember their wedding day, they didn’t get to eat at their reception, or some other crazy story that left you scratching your head and wondering why shell out $30,000 for a party you barely attend or remember…and not for reasons of alcohol? 

Micro weddings aren’t chintzy; they’re exclusive. Given the price of dresses, flowers, photography, and videography (some of the top budget priorities), you can host a meaningful destination wedding that includes a welcome/rehearsal dinner, your ceremony and a memorable reception, for less than $10,000…and be present physically, mentally, and emotionally. Personal testimony – we had a destination micro wedding, and I have such sweet and treasured memories of every part. 

Action Step: What splurges would you love to have in your wedding? Those little things that may be “extra,” but would make you smile. My rule of thumb: if it makes you smile, do it; if it causes you stress, don’t do it. Your wedding should make you smile, not stressed. 

Our own destination micro wedding, photo by Ian Riley

I love that micro weddings are growing in popularity, whether due to preferences, or forced circumstances surrounding Covid-19. Whatever the reason, consider the intimate wedding for your upcoming nuptials, and I’m confident you’ll be glad you did. 

Action Step: Check out my guide to planning a great and meaningful destination micro wedding on a $10K budget.

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