Planning Your Honeymoon

Beach honeymoon

Planning Your Honeymoon

The wedding was a success, the reception left everyone full and happy, and now you’re on your way to your honeymoon. It doesn’t matter if it’s short, simple, and local, or an elaborate 2-week trip to Fiji and Bora Bora. What matters is getting away post-wedding, just the two of you, and starting your new life together. Honeymoon possibilities are endless, and I’m here to help you make some decisions and preparations so you have the best trip ever.

Honeymoon on beach
Getting away for a honeymoon on a private beach sounds ideal!

Start off with where you’d like to go. What’s your couple style? How do you best relax? Block out the pressures of Instagram or other friends’ honeymoons, and do what fits the two of you. Are you backpackers who want to spend a week camping in the woods, unplugged and undistracted? Go for it! Maybe your style is all-day-every-day on the beach or in the pool. Or you’re a road-trip couple who wants to take in several cities over a stretch of days. Whatever makes you happy will make for a great honeymoon. 

Roman Colosseum honeymoon destination
A honeymoon to Europe to see the ancient ruins is a romantic’s dream

When planning, keep your budget in mind. While this is honestly the one time in your life when people give you a pass to be off the grid and not get huffy about unreturned emails, it’s not worth starting your married life off a few extra thousand dollars in debt because you felt the need or pressure for a blow-out trip. If you’re getting married during the “off-season,” your honeymoon will likely already cost less by default, but do note that in some destinations, local restaurants or attractions have reduced off-season hours. On that note, a final consideration for the honeymoon budget is to reduce the overall wedding budget by getting married on an “off” day, like a weekday. Many venues offer smaller package prices for weekday weddings, and other vendors may also have reduced prices for mid-week weddings.

nature picnic
Build great connection with each other by honeymooning with lots of time in nature.

While away, if your phone is a major part of your work, and you don’t really get vacation days, consider a celebratory greeting or out-of-office message to let your clients know they won’t hear back from you for a few days. Something like, “This is Sarah. I’m sorry I missed you, but my husband and I are on our honeymoon. I’ll be back in the office May 25 and will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, my colleague, Jane, is available to help you by calling 555-1234.”

What happens if your honeymoon doesn’t go as planned? This happened to my husband and me, and the best thing you can do is keep a flexible and adventurous attitude. So, if a major storm system rolls into the airport after you’re checked in, and you end up missing the last flight that would make your connection to Spain, you have a decision to make. Either rebook and have one less day in Spain; or make a quick backup plan, and take a road trip to a coastal town you’ve never seen before. The silver lining is, if everyone thinks you’re out of the country, and you change your voicemail greeting, you shouldn’t be bothered. I can tell you, to this day, it matters not one bit that we missed our honeymoon in Spain and spent it in Charleston, instead. In fact, given how exhausted we were after all the wedding festivities, and how much we slept on our honeymoon, I’m so thankful we had a week to relax off the grid, without the pressure to see all the sights we’d flown half a world over to see.

Hammock on the beach
Wherever you honeymoon, let the focus be on the two of you and starting your married life out on a strong foot.

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