The DIY bride has it made these days, and it’s easier than ever to plan your own wedding. That said, there are still a few surprises that sometimes creep up on a bride on her wedding day. The tips ahead in these five areas are meant to help you have the smoothest wedding day possible […]

The wedding was a success, the reception left everyone full and happy, and now you’re on your way to your honeymoon. It doesn’t matter if it’s short, simple, and local, or an elaborate 2-week trip to Fiji and Bora Bora. What matters is getting away post-wedding, just the two of you, and starting your new life together. Honeymoon possibilities are endless, and I’m here to help you make some decisions and preparations so you have the best trip ever.

Beach honeymoon

A beautiful Fall wedding in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee Having grown up and now working in the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee, Gracie and Nick wanted to have a local wedding in the most beautiful month for weddings in the mountains, which is October. If you know anything about Sevier County, Tennessee, it’s […]

Bride and Groom forehead kiss under veil

One of the coolest aspects of a wedding is how each gathering and celebration can reflect the couple’s unique personality and preferences, from size of the guest list to choice of exit. Today, let’s consider the intimate wedding, and all the ways this most petite of fetes can make a grand  impact for you and […]

Kelsey and Chris are the couple for whom the timing just clicked, and they knew they were meant to be together. After years of friendship, they were ready to date and jumped all in. Both come from close-knit families, and I wish you all could have been at their beautiful wedding. Love and joy are […]

barn reception chandelier drapery

Georgia’s Golden Isles make a perfect location for your local or destination wedding.