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What if you could



with Peace of

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dream wedding

You've said "Yes" and now you're planning your dream wedding

The Love of your life
THE Dress
Dancing shoes ready to party

Maybe you find yourself in one of two places:

Just be the blissful bride and not have to direct people where to go and what to do? (Same for your mom!)

Enjoy your wedding day without being peppered with questions about the details?

Hand off your plans seamlessly to your day-of coordinator?

Can you really - 

Your plans are coming together nicely. But, you want to make sure your coordinator has everything she needs for your wedding day to be a success.

How do I hand my awesome plans off?

"I'm almost there!"

Or maybe...

Hiring a full-service wedding planner, which isn't in your budget?

Missing your own wedding day to manage your beautifully-planned details.

Spending countless hours online downloading all the wedding freebies?

Do you feel like your only options are-

Turning your ideas into a real plan is somewhat overwhelming, and you're not sure where to even start besides endlessly scrolling Pinterest.

Planning isn't as easy as I thought

"Where do I start?"

Feeling like

Feeling like

This sounds like me!

This is me!

You’ve seen and been part of weddings before and had the thought, “When I get married, I want to ____________,” only to find yourself unsure of how to take care of it now that it’s your turn.

You’ve also downloaded every free pdf guide of wedding tips and timelines, only to be let down.

You end up procrastinating the planning and you feel only further behind and even more stressed.

A Beautiful and Authentic Wedding - It's what you want and deserve

And you know

If you don’t make plans for your wedding — you end up either eloping (which isn't what you wanted) or missing out on your own wedding day because it's YOU who'll have to manage the details…

You can have the flawless wedding you deserve

Stress is starting to become your default setting.

You’re afraid you’ll have to spend your time and energy on your wedding day in order to get all your details just right, instead of just being the bride.

What if, instead of all that stress, you had one location to organize your plans that auto-updated as you entered new information? Problem solved, right? 

Prevents surprises by collecting everything into one central location

Lets you enjoy your wedding weekend without having to manage your details

Translates your details onto a Master Timeline that can be handed off seamlessly

Covers each detail of your wedding day

a responsive plan book that:

An interactive, step-by-step workbook to help you organize and communicate your perfect plans and have the flawless wedding you deserve.

by michelle moore events

Your Perfect Plan


Lets you be the bride, not the coordinator!


Video tutorial on how to navigate and use your Plan Book.

A Master Info and Master Timeline sheet that auto-populate as you enter your plans

A Notes section in each sheet for reminders and important information

Google Sheets workbook with over 15 sheets of planning guidance


An interactive, responsive workbook with over 15 sheets that auto-populate to a Master Info sheet and a Master Timeline

with Your perfect plan

What You Get

Canva template Wedding Design Guide. Keep your wedding colors and design inspiration for each section of your wedding in one location, making it easy to communicate your style with your vendors.  ($25 value)

BONUS! Design Guide

Downloadable checklist for every possible step in planning your wedding, so you can check it off as you go! ($25 value)

BONUS! 12-month Checklist

Responsive and Interactive Plan Book, built with the expertise of an experienced planner of 9 years. Plus a video showing you how it all works.
It's like having me in your computer each step of the way. ($500 value)

INCLUDED: Plan Book + Video


There are Bonuses!

What's inside


With a tab for each section of your wedding plan, and the ability to add or delete as you need, you can customize your planning experience while knowing you're not overlooking any details.

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Planning Sheets

The nuts and bolts


As you fill in the timeline info on the planning sheets, the Master Timeline will auto-populate. 

Give it a final sort at the end before printing it off for everyone who needs a copy!

Auto-updates so you don't have to 

Master Timeline

bring it all together

I'm in!

Knowing where to set up different stations, how the centerpieces should look, and how many rentals are being delivered, are all part of coordinating a smooth wedding day without bothering the bride. All those details will auto-populate to the Master Info Sheet. 

It's like a checklist for the day-of setup and other production notes

Master Info Sheet

a guide sheet for your coordinator

Meet Michelle

For 9 years, I’ve specialized in telling couples’ stories by planning & managing their wedding day, letting them specialize in building their life and legacy together.

Now I want to help YOU do the same!

I believe YOU deserve and can have the wedding of your dreams. I believe each love story is unique and worth celebrating, and that a wedding is just the beginning of a lifetime commitment to each other.

Wedding planner + Coordinator

hi there!

I’m Michelle


Plan Book                                                        $50
BONUS: Design Guide                                 $25
BONUS:  12-Month Planning Checklist   $25
TOTAL VALUE:                                              $100

Plan Book                                    $50
Design Guide                              $25
12-Month Planning Checklist $25

TOTAL VALUE:                           $100

$100 VALUE FOR $37



Are you ready to be the Blissful Bride on your wedding day? 

Your Perfect Plan will get you there, so let's get started!

Ready to Begin?

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You get immediate access! After purchasing, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access your purchase. Be sure to check your spam folder in case it ends up there.

No. 2

This plan book is great for the Type B Bride who needs help organizing her plans, and for the Type A who has it all organized in her head, but might not have it written down in a communicable way. 

No. 3

Due to the nature of digital products and downloads, all purchases are final. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please email me and let's work out a solution. I'm at michelle@michellemooreevents.com 

No. 4

There's a short video tutorial to walk you through the Plan Book. If you have further questions, or if you want further consultation services, please email michelle@michellemooreevents.com. 

No. 5

This purchase is for one end user. You may print or save a PDF of your final timeline, to share with whomever needs it. Please do not share a copy of the file with anyone.

A $100 value for $37, so you can plan and organize your wedding, and show up fully-present on your wedding day!

You deserve to be on your big day

Be the Blissful Bride


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